Save the Date for the 5th Annual Meeting

Seirbhís Conference Poster Template



Thanks to all who attended the 4th annual meeting of Seirbhís, which was a great success! Thanks especially all of those who gave presentations on the day; the topics discussed were really excellent, and the standard of presentations were fantastic.

And thanks are also due to our generous sponsors: ALK-Abelló and Joe Walsh Tours, as well as our hosts: the Parish of St Sylvester’s, Malahide.

The agenda from the day is below, and after numerous requests from attendees to access the information delivered on the day, here are the presentations from several of the speakers.

Pencil in the first Saturday in March for next year’s meeting – to be decided when the RBS 6 Nations rugby fixtures are out.

Seirbhis Agenda

MMoran Seirbhis Intro Talk

P McSharry Medical Kit for Lourdes

I McDonnell Preparing for Lourdes

M Matthews Nursing Checklist

J Pateman Defining Care

M Martin ALK Anaphylaxis


3 responses to “Meetings

  1. Sorry I’m not able to make it over for the meeting on Saturday. I hope it goes well. Lorraine

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