Here are some documents that you may find useful when planning your Lourdes pilgrimages. They have been drafted based on discussions and workshops, and following feedback from members who wanted shared documents in relation to Lourdes work.

There is no obligation to use these documents, nor should they be considered a ‘gold standard’.

It is up to individual medical/nursing teams to decide if they meet the needs of the relevant pilgrimage group.

Lourdes Medical Consult Seirbhis 040316

Medicines Administration Plan Seirbhis 040316

Lourdes Sanctuary Emergency Contact

Lourdes Pharmacy Order Seirbhis 040316


The following two documents relate to the new AEDs provided by the McCoy family for Irish Pilgrimages:

Resus AED Report Form

AED Protocol Student Handout

Many thanks to Joanne Murphy (JCM Training Services) for providing these.


Sample fitness to travel document from Blue Insurance (please check with insurer to ensure you are using the up to date version, and the correct version for the relevant company).